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  • Oil just slips away

    Over the course of the first 22,000 miles I now have on the new to me '04' I have been using synthetic oil and changing around 8,000 miles. Yes, I know that it can go longer, but it's what I have been doing since riding a Wing. With the '01', I "might" lose/use/burn a 1/4 of a quart towards the top end of the 176,000 miles I had on it.

    With this '04' between each change, I have noticed that the bike is down anywhere from a half to 3/4 of a quart. No oil stains, and no sense/smell of burning oil. Any thoughts? Thanks. Only 59,000 miles on the bike.
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    Rick (yw) spoke of the same thing with his 10 model compared to his old bike. If it aint dripping its burning it
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      Common I think for all engines to lose a bit of url between changes. Most of us are not even aware of it as we do not measure it when we drain it. My 08 has always been just a tad low on the stick around 6K. I have never actually measured the used url. But it will be slightly lower on the stick. Then I just drain it, Install a new filter and dump in 4 quarts. Unless I see url dripping or coated on the exhaust most of the time I do not even check it until I all of a sudden realize it is time to change it again .

      The synthetics seem to slip away a bit faster than the oils like Delo 400. They flow better and seem to tend to get past the rings a tad more. Spirited riding also uses a bit more, and some of it you find sucked into the air box when you change the air filter. A tiny bit looks like a lot, so that is really not a concern.

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        Thanks Kit. I agree that with the old bike I was not as inclined to check between changes, but with all the fun I have been having with this new girl, I have made it a point to look after more things, with a closer eye. Just thought it rather much to be down almost a half a quart at 4,000 miles.
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        Why sweat the leg thing when I can still ride a Goldwing
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          My 2005 would use a little bit of oil, but not enough to worry about.
          Like you, I never saw any drips or smoke, but I could smell it at start up. I suspected that it was a valve seals or guides, but never really looked into it since it was such a small amount of consumption.

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            I never check mine before I change it, but I will this time, just to see if there is any loss.
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              I agree -Slips past rings
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                Good post Jim and thanks Kit for reminding me to check my url. I only have 110,000 miles on my 01 so I guess I better do something about that "break in oil"
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                  Originally posted by Fred in GA View Post
                  Good post Jim and thanks Kit for reminding me to check my url. I only have 110,000 miles on my 01 so I guess I better do something about that "break in oil"
                  I think Jimmy's problem is all that pie he eats. That is a lot of extra load on that bike. :p

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                    I agree just pulled my dip stick and it is a tad low time to change my oil
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                      Checking the oil on the gl1800 can be a real pain in the arse. I have checked mine and sometimes it will show a little low and then check again in 5 seconds and it's right on the full mark or a tad over. All checks according to the book. Now I just dump it and add 4 qts. and then go for a ride and put that big chit eatin grin back on my face. :D
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                        Jim's problem is most assuredly too much right wrist, just saying!!!! the old Deacon of Dirt, Charley
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                          The thing to do would be to just measure the oil removed from the engine at the next oil change. Then you will know and then we will know because you will tell us, right?
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                            From one Fred to another sir you need help.

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                              All this talk of oil use makes me want to run out and check mine. I'm like most I guess, I never check the oil. Funny how we check air pressure regularly and do light checks but never take the time to remove a little plastic and make sure the oil level is correct.

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                                Originally posted by Kit Carson View Post

                                I think Jimmy's problem is all that pie he eats. That is a lot of extra load on that bike. :p

                                Did someone mention pie?
                                Pie and bacon, can it get any better?


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                                  Volvo automotive group did a very big study back in the early '80s, to determine "if" oil was being consumed in their automotive engines, and..."how much" oil was being consumed...if any.
                                  This was at a time when Volvo would give away a brand new car to any owners that showed they had driven their old Volvos 1 million miles. They did have to give away one or two new Volvos per year, as they had a reputation of logging many, many miles, compared to domestic made vehicles.

                                  The end result of that study was that Volvo found, and put this in writing to all their dealerships, that it was acceptable for a Volvo gasoline engine to "consume" up to 1 quart of oil...every 1000 miles. Which meant, at the 4,000 mile oil change interval recommended by Volvo, your engine could be out of oil, and that would be acceptable to Volvo.

                                  Now, in reality, we all know that any engine that consumes 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles....is an engine we are getting rid of, or rebuilding to better specs. Personally, I have never seen a gasoline engine that consumed that much oil.

                                  BUT.....it is not uncommon for the engines on our bikes...the GL1800s and GL1500s to consume "some" oil between oil changes....and the longer you wait to change that oil, the more oil can be consumed.

                                  Personally, I change the oil and filter on my bikes every 5,000 miles....as an average number. That is my choice. And I use Mobil 1 automotive oil...5w-30...again...my choice.
                                  I am certainly not going to tell anyone on this forum what oil they should be using, or the weight they should be using, or how often to change that oil. We are all adults here, and can make educated decisions for ourselves.

                                  Having said that, I also do not check my oil between oil changes...ever...as it is a waste of my time. I usually change oil every month...remember...an average of 5,000 miles...so about once a month. If my bike consumed 4 ounces, or 6 ounces...do I really care....NO. I do know that when the oil is changed, I get close to 4 quarts of oil back out of the engine, so I know it wasn't a quart low.

                                  I would politely suggest, don't fret over the loss or consumption of a few ounces between oil changes, and....think about do you really want to leave your oil in the engine for 10K + miles?

                                  Life...as we know it...is all about choices. Make the choice to ride MORE miles....and have fun doing it.

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                                    You know Wheels, if you didn't fang it everywhere your oil may stay in the crankcase a little longer.
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                                      Points all well taken . . . . . except maybe the PIE comment. LOL I have been very good about changing the oil and will continue to do so, but with a few little "pesky" problems with my new Girl, I seem to maybe be more "attentive" to various things. That, along with wanting to continue to develop "our" data base of information about the Wing and possibly a little "food for thought" (see how I work the Pie thing in here, LOL), on what, if any, impact a Trike kit might add to oil consumption, I figured lets get some really sharp guys opinions.

                                      Thanks everyone and I look forward to more great information being shared here.

                                      Hmmmmmm, might actually be worthy of a note to see if in fact there "is" any impact on pulling the weight of a Trike kit around as it relates to any differences in set ups. Might have to ask some of my Trike buddies to take note of what they see when they chance their oil, as compared to what the two wheelers see.

                                      Thanks again.
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                                        Well I have around 4K on my current url, gonna run around local for a bit more, then run to see some Oysters soon, be about time to change the url, just because I am now curious I will measure the url that comes out. Never really worried about it as long as it was slick. Lol!

                                        It has in it four quarts of Mobile One synthetic at the moment, and a custom made for motorcycle use FRAM url filter. Looks just like the OEM one to me. It is black.

                                        I will measure the waste url in a month or so, and just see. I am a bit heavy on the throttle and get on average 25 mpg with the Trike, that is when I am skeered I may end up with another valentine. Lol!

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