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    I found an ADDON trailer hitch for my 2014 @ $122USD delivered to my house. I think that is a pretty good price. Hitch looks well made to me. I am going to do a couple mods to make it a little more heavy duty. I am going to add a strut from the main frame down to the hitch on each side and also gusset the hitch frame. Think that will make it bullet proof?

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    I have an Add-on Hitch on my 2006 TiWing and since I did the install myself, I think it already has enough struts etc from the frame to be strong enough. Good luck on making it strong enough to tow a 747.
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      I have an Add On also. It's served me well with no problems at all for four years, although it doesn't get heavy use.
      I have considered running extra support from the frame down as well, just for peace of mind.

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        I made some up-right supports 6 years ago, just to show that for $10 in materials.

        I can make the Add On hitch as strong or in my opinion "Stronger" that what the $350 hitches were selling for at the time.

        Here is the drawings I made so anyone can make their own set if they were so inclined?.

        Click image for larger version

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        Here is what they look like.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	P7170082.jpg
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        Here is the support bars added (When they were bolted on)

        Click image for larger version

Name:	P1250229-1-1.jpg
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        Here is what the bars look like with the whole hitch off the bike. (I welded on the angle iron to the main L-Bar for added strength)

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PB230015.jpg
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        When I stripped the bike to repaint it. I had time to do things that I wanted to change a bit. cutting back and welding the angle bracket to the L bars was one of them things.

        Consider something like this when adding any hitch!.
        I relocated the Wiring pig tail away from the hitch recently that you can see in the last picture. it was a PITA when I changed my tire,having it attached the the center section,and water had got inside the old round 5 pin connector. I needed to get the pigtail away from the rear tire.

        The plug now resides under the trunk.and isn't going to get wet anymore from the tire in the rain.

        Click image for larger version

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        The wiring is in a 3/8 hose that doesn't not touch the paint.
        I have the hose coming out the side of the trailer tongue. not the bottom like most do.
        I have jack knifed the trailer when installing this to be sure there was plenty of room if needed.

        What I ended up with was an easier tire change too. because now the center section can be set a side when changing a tire,instead of wrapping it in a towel and hanging it from the antenna base with a bungee cord because the trailer plus was attached to it.

        Here is the one I found on Ebay.
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        • mopar
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          That's close to what I'm doing. I'm welding tabs on the horizontal bar and attaching the strut to it.

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        Thanks for passing that on Rocky.

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          Originally posted by Hondo View Post
          Thanks for passing that on Rocky.
          You are Welcome.
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            One think I would warn you on installing - do not tighten any of the bolts and nuts until they are all in place. And by "do not tighten", I means simply start them in place with just enough turns to hold them in place.

            My experience with my Add-on hitch on a 2012 was that it was a VERY tight fit. I had to almost remove some of the parts to get others to fit.
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