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  • Too Many Volts ???

    I have one of those idiot lights on my bike that indicates if your battery is charging or not. The red, yellow and green lights are all on at the same time. I put my volt meter on the battery while idling. I am reading 15.1 to 15.5 volts. I am not an electrical scientist but I believe that is too high. The bike is a 2006 with 55K on the clock. Is that voltage too high? If it is what could be causing it, voltage regulator?

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    From what my service manual says, I don't think the Voltage is too high. Although the manual I am looking at is for a pre-2006 model, I don't believe this spec would change. Here is what that section says about checking the charging circuit:

    4. Charging Voltage Inspection
    Measure and record the battery voltage using a digital multimeter (page 17-6).
    Start the engine.
    Measure the charging voltage (page 17-7).
    Compare the measurements to the result of the following calculation.


    Do the battery and charging voltages satisfy the calculation?
    YES – Faulty battery.
    NO – GO TO STEP 5.
    Darksider #390
    Murgie's FAQ

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      Well, speaking from the other side of the Continental Divide, I would think that 15.1 to 15.5 would seem to be high. Most of us old-school riders or techs/mechanics would think that a 13.8 volt to 14.2 volt range would be exactly where we would want the charging system to be. The battery itself may read lower, as it is taken as a static value...and is usually between 11.5 volts to 12.4 volts. But with the engine running, so as to measure the charging system output, it should be between 13.8 and 14.2 volts. I do not think I would panic at this point, but I would keep an eye on the system, checking it periodically. It it ever charges above 16 volts, then there is a problem.

      Another solution, if you are concerned that the system is producing too much voltage, try turning on several items, like extra lights, heated grips, heated seat, etc, etc, etc,, and see what your guage shows.

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        Try revving the engine up, does the voltage go up then above the 15.5v ? If so, your reg should probably be changed.if it stays the same, I probably wouldn't worry about it.

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          One thing to consider is that many of the less expensive voltmeters/DMM's tend to be inaccurate. I found that my cheap Craftsman is reading ~15% high on all AC and DC ranges, while my 40-year-old Fluke 8020A is still quite accurate. As a result, I have assigned the Crapsman meter for use as a continuity checker and to check for voltage (without relying on it to give me an accurate reading). Its next stop will probably be the recycle pile.

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            Your meter is telling you your Voltage Regulator is fried.

            Mine was spiking from it's normal 14.1-14.2 to anywhere from 13.6-15.9-16.3-13.8

            I found the only US source for the Mitsubishi Voltage regulator that doesn't cost $191 that Honda wants.(I get them for under $60)

            The box even says it's for Mitsubishi/Goldwing Volt/reg "Made in Japan"

            I have rebuilt three alternators with Japanese bearings/seals/regulators. 2 I keep for spares.

            Some car alternator shop have been rebuilding them.
            Some shops don't have the Splined adapter to spool up the Alt after the repair to see if it's now charging properly.

            I'm in the process of building a jig with and old ACG to make a splined pulley for a test bench.

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              MMR, you stated the static value as 11.5-12.4. Seems low to me. My battery says 13.2 measured with a Fluke 114. I must have one hell of a good battery.
              2013 Black F6B

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                Jeff, but are your measurements in Canadian metric scale, or USA scale ? ....couldn't help myself, and I should have known to just STOP.

                I think YOU are right, as when I typed that, I thought....hmmm...the higher end of that static charge seems to be a little low to me. I should have said....11.5v - 13.2v.

                I feel better now. Not after telling the dumb Canadian/USA joke, but after correcting those values.

                Thanks, fellow F6B rider, for being on top of it.

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                • JeffP
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                High voltage can be a concern for electronics of the vehicle. The Goldwing has a lot of electronics on it.

                My 2006 Silverado truck will charge at 15 volts sometimes. I've run voltage checks at the battery with various equipment to verify voltage. I've been told to not worry about it since the voltage varies with the load... I've run the Optima battery and regular lead acid battery in the truck same result. Only 58k miles on the truck
                2013 Red Airbag 1800

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                  Rocky, Are you willing to revel your source or part #

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                    Originally posted by TrikeBiker View Post
                    Rocky, Are you willing to revel your source or part #
                    I found this Regulator -- hope this will do the trick?



                    Price: $47.95

                    Part #: Part No. IH258

                    Also Here:

                    [FONT=Arial]2008 Nomad 1600 Shaft Drive[/FONT]
                    [FONT=Arial]2005 Executive Burgman 650cc[/FONT]
                    [FONT=Arial]2006 ST1300cc Police Special W/B[/FONT]
                    [FONT=Arial]2006 Goldwing 1832cc Comfort Pkg.[/FONT]
                    [FONT=Arial]2006 Volkswagen TDI Diesel with DSG
                    Darksider GL1800 Burgman 650 ST1300PA Nomad 1600[/FONT]

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                      This is the correct voltage regulator for the GL1800 Mitsubishi alternators.

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