Spark Plugs at 30,000 kilometers. (20,000 miles)

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  • Spark Plugs at 30,000 kilometers. (20,000 miles)

    This weekend I swapped out the spark plugs as part of the 60,000 kilometer service.
    These plugs are with 30,000 kilometers on them, and for the most part, looked excellent.
    I am sure they did not need to be replaced, but I had a set of NGK Iridiums on hand, which I expect should be good for 100,000k or 60,000 miles.

    2010 GL1800ADA (CDN eh!)
    DS 1126
    15 Tiger 800 XCX
    14 WR250R
    95 FLSTC Sold to a nice family.

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    Rick, I have been using the NGK Iridium plugs on my last 3 Wings, and on this F6B, and I am here to tell ya' can easily get 100,000 kilometers (60,000 miles) out of those new plugs. I have been leaving mine in for a full 75,000 miles, and when they come out, they still look good. But I replace then anyway.

    Your old plugs do look good. Bike must be running right.

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