Kuryakyn risers.

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  • GL1800 (Pre-2012): Kuryakyn risers.

    I installed the Kuryakyn risers , up back and in, set. Feels good on the back and arms, but the in part is too much on the wrists. Question can a person switch side to side, for a more of a turn out? Called teck service but they never tryed or heard of anyone doing this.

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    What you describe is "One size fits all" with a couple of these rise vendors.

    I make the only risers that are adjustable. They are called "Comfort Risers".

    What makes them different than the rest is you can move the bars in or out to adjust for your wrist position or shoulder width.

    Send me a PM if you are interested??.


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      Hard to beat Rockys Risers. Good Stuff!
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