repairing heated seat elements

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  • repairing heated seat elements

    To all you ingenious people on this forum, Has anyone ever attempted to repair a heated seat element or replace a thermistor? I bet some one has, and has done so successfully. Let us know how you did it and did it last. Thanks for reading this.

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    I have seen post on some other sites were you can rise the temps on the elements by adding some type of transistors will give you a list of part and how to do. If you search around you'll find it.
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      Fred H has a tutorial on how to do

      Sorry I don't know how to link his site

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        Copy the below link it will take you there.

        Gary Loos from Ohio

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          I know the link will not work.

          Try http://gl1800riders/forums/forums.php

          and then search increase heated seats and it will come up
          Gary Loos from Ohio

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            Here is Fred's seat mod however it makes no sense to me since there is no explanation of what he is doing.
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              thanks for the link. Wat fred did was install reisters to fool the hcu so it could send out more heat.

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