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    A riding buddy of mine has a 2006 gl1800 with a Motor trike kit. It has 22,000 miles on it. We changed and bleed the clutch fluid and got along ok with that. Then we changed the front brake fluid and bleed that and while we were there we bleed the rear bleeders in the front and the ADV and we had good rear pedal and good front brake. Put all back together and found we had rear brakes locked up.

    What all have we done wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Gary Loos

    Gary Loos from Ohio

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    Interesting, I've done a few brake bleeds and never had the brakes lock up. Did you perform the brake flush/bleed in the order described in the service manual or did you just do the front tire bleeders? I've never done it out of order. Not sure how that would cause the rear to lock up but maybe just performing a full brake system flush/bleed could fix the problem.
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      Started out just doing the front fluid change and bleed. Then did the rear bleeders on the front caliper along with adding fluid to rear fluid cup and notice the rear wheels were locked up. Decided to bleed rear when bleeder twisted took caliper off to have bleeder removed and new bleeder installed. This morning will bleed everything again using correct order. Hope this will work.
      Gary Loos from Ohio

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        Most likely got air into the system.
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          You now mention you took off the rear calliper after damaging the bleeder and replaced it. I would remove it and inspect it fully including the seating of the pads and the operation of the callipers.
          Then go through the bleeding routine again.
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            It would also be helpful to know which of the rear caliper's pods are fully extended, all three or just the center pod.

            Click image for larger version

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              On a trike you do not bleed the rear brakes thru the front, you also have to bleed the rear calipers at the rear. Not sure about Motor Trike but my Roadsmith kit unlinks the front and rear brakes so they are done individually. Just FYI... might check with MotorTrike about linked or Un linked brakes and their bleeding instructions,
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                How did you get on?

                I was thinking if the calliper passes muster you may consider having a good look at the operation of the rear master cylinder.
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                  Will get back on it Tuesday morning. Have replaced the damaged bleeder and have bled the rear again and all seemed good until we bled the front left upper bleeder and rear locked up again. I have called tech support at Motor Trike and was told when they install kit they never touch any bleeder other than the rear upper bleeder. The rear and front brakes are still linked. I have down loaded the Motor trike manual and there bleed procedure does explains the you need to have the front tire suspended off the ground to unload the forks to keep the ADV from causing problems while bleeding.

                  Will go through complete procedure Tuesday and see if we can correct the problem.

                  Thank you for all of your suggestions. Will let you know how we come out on this.
                  Gary Loos from Ohio

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                    I Have a 2010 conversion that I need to bleed rear brakes on. I downloaded the manual for the Adventure kit I coud find no mention of the brake bleeding procedure in the manual. Would you email me a copy of the manual that you refered to?

                    [email protected]

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                      This morning we bled another bottle of brake fluid through the rear brake calipers and put the whells back on and all was good with the rear brakes. Not sure what cured it but glad it did.

                      Thanks for all suggestions.
                      Gary Loos from Ohio

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