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    Just finished up doing the install on the "New Easier Install" set.

    If you watch the videos on their site for installation pretty much nails it, except I have a couple of tweeks to improve it.

    First and foremost, skip the spade drill bit included in the kit. Too much potential for possible damage.
    Do use their template as instructed, do use an automatic center punch. Use a 5/8" hole-saw instead of the spade bit. Set your pilot bit
    so it barely sticks past end of hole-saw. Go very slow and very easy.
    Something I did that they don't mention, after drilling the holes I removed the trim pieces to clean out behind them and touched up the plastic
    with a file to clean it up.

    Second, they show to remove both bolts at same time, if your bike is like mine and probably like a lot of others, things will spring if you do that.
    Remove top allen head first, put in spacer, put long bar over spacer, start top screw. THEN remove lower allen head, put in spacer, put long bar over, put brace bar over, install screw.

    For the rest of it, videos are spot on. Printed instructions in kit are real light on info, but take your laptop or tablet out and have their website up and video page ready and no troubles.

    Oh, sorry, took me about 45 minutes start to finish, but I was working outside and it is windy today so I left parts inside and walked back and
    forth quite a bit. AND I had Golden Retriever assistant so that is a handicap. About 30 minute job if you're handy with tools.

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    Ome of the best additions to my bike- have the full set; use foot wings only if raining or very cold

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      Hand wings are a great addition. Especially if you ride with a passenger.
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        I just drink Red gives me wings...

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          I had all the Baker wind wings(mirrors, fairing and large Trike leg wings) mounted on my new trike as soon as I bought it.
          One of the best items I bought as they work super.
          BTW the large Trike leg wings have kept my rear fenders free of stone chips.
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            These Wingy thiingys are the best ! Keeps my hands warm, or cool depending on the season, and most importantly, keeps my Co-rider very happy too
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              I just bought a set of Air Wings (with lower's as they called it) on my way home from Harrison. I rode 'right up to the factory' and picked them up myself.
              Was suppose to be 'cheeper' that way but don't think they were.
              I've had Hand Wings since the bike was almost new. Great lil' things, they are.
              I haven't got the Air Wings on yet but think I'll really like them.

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                I installed both sets on my trike. That spade drill did look to me like a screw up waiting on me. I did it carefully and it worked out OK. The wings really helped direct the wind away from my wife and I'm happy with them.
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                  Originally posted by Papa smurf2 View Post
                  These Wingy thiingys are the best ! Keeps my hands warm, or cool depending on the season, and most importantly, keeps my Co-rider very happy too
                  My wife definitely enjoyed riding more after I installed them! The hand wings really made an impact for reduced buffeting on her.
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                    I do have the hand wings, and two lower wings for water and legs love them. haven't try the side wings didn't like the fact of drilling in my wing but i think they will make a big difference for my passenger.
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