Black Chrome for front wheel? Has anyone tried BC and if so, can they share pictues.

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  • Black Chrome for front wheel? Has anyone tried BC and if so, can they share pictues.

    As mentioned in my Mexico ride posting, I picked up some road damage to the front rim. See attached picture.
    Whenever I need to fix something, I always try to find an upside or upgrade and I have always been thinking Black Chrome wheel(s) would look very cool on Nimbus Black (dark grey) GW.
    Has anyone tried Black Chrome on the wheels and if so, do they like it and would you be so kind as to share a picture or two?

    Thanks much

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    DS 1126
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    14 WR250R
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    I have never had black chrome but I have heard that it scratches easier than chrome, or at least shows scratches more. So, not really sure.
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      Rick, what Cruiseman said is correct. The Black Chrome does indeed scratch easier than chrome, and shows those scratches pretty bad. I would suggest doing a powder-coating of 90% high gloss Black. I have done this on every GL-1800 I have owned, including my F6B that came with flat black wheels. I do have a picture somewhere here....

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      • RaConnol
        RaConnol commented
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        Thank you MMR that is exactly what I am looking for!


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      MMR...That wheel does look really nice

      John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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        Thanks guys. I have a local powder-coating company do all my wheels...for a cost of $ 50.00 per wheel, and they do a darn good job. The rear wheel in the picture is my spare rear wheel, bought online...just in case I need a spare. Since I am NOT into having the cleanest bike in the parking lot, or at a rally, by having these wheels powder-coated 90 % high gloss Black, it makes them very easy to rinse down, wipe off, and they look good.

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          I agree wit MMR and have also powder coated the wheels on the last three GL1800s and both Tailwind trailers that I've owned.
          I have also had some black chromed items I the past and nothing looks as good as black chrome when it's new, but it does scratch and every scratch shows.
          That is why I went with Powdercoat.
          I went with a semigloss black on mine and did yellow highlights with the same paint as on the bike.

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            I don't know the brand name of my chrome front wheel but it is spotless since putting it on new in 06.
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              Standard chrome is a lot more resistant to scratches than black chrome.

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