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    Does anyone else run into snags? I just recently installed a Utopia backrest. I decided to get the "quick release" kit. Following Cruiseman's excellent instruction video I began- found that getting foam out was time consuming. I was worried about forcing larger quick release base through seat top so I put in standard base. Found that "T" support base fitted perfectly- assembled unit. Next day called Utopia- they said not to worry, so I disassembled, put in quick release base- found that "T" support did not sit flat under seat (same holes as standard base!). This made 'seating' the seat back on the bike difficult. I pressed down on the seat and threaded the bolts in bit felt them start to cross thread. Pulled it apart, tapped the holes in the frame, reassembled with a drop of oil on each bolt. Went together, but the 5 minute job turned into an hour. Then I started on the Muth Signal mirrors. First, they no longer have the simple "Y" connector seen in Cruiseman's video- now you have 3 commectors to put together on each side instead. Then, the base of the mirror where the screw goes has been changed- Cyclemax was unaware of this but Muth confirmed it in a ohone call. Back and forth with Cycle,ax, who will ship me correct ones as soon as they get them. Guess it would be boring if it were all easy. Thankfully, having Cruiseman's video set, I am confident in standing my ground when contacting vendors. At least I can go riding now....

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    Now you know why Dealers charge up to $100 a Hour for labor Glad you got it worked out -so far
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      Good point, Westdc, but I have all those skinned knuckles and satisfaction!

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        A job on a bike, auto, truck or working around the house is not complete unless I leave blood on the project. Anytime someone tells me that it only takes 5 or 10 minutes to do will take me longer, plus a few choice words.
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          I was unaware that the screws at the base of the mirrors have been changed. How are they different? I will have to check out one of the 2014s at my dealer.
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            Mine is a 2012, with a little cylinder with a threaded insert for the bottom screw. It fits into a recess about a quarter inch across. The older mirror had a big square mount with a sheet metal retainer wrapped around for the screw to thread into. As I have Baker wings on the mirrors I think you have the same (newer) mirrors that I have. (Watched your videos). The big square receiver with sheet metal retainer for the screw would not fit into the smaller space at the bottom of the mirror frame. Mirrors look the same size and shape.

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