J&M Products (blue tooth dongle and passenger volume controller.

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  • J&M Products (blue tooth dongle and passenger volume controller.

    I purchased a J&M CFBR-GL1800 bluetooth and a J&M PSCR-GL1800 passenger volume controller and just got around to doing the install on them today.

    I'll start with the passenger controller, it controls the volume in the passenger helmet and can go from whatever pilot has set down to 0 volume but not above the setting up front.
    It also has an intercom on/off switch, along with a CB PTT button.
    The instructions are very basic, they tell you which bike connectors to look for and what color but no clue on location. They give no clue as to wire routing to protect the various wires.
    It is a very cut and dried install once you locate the connectors needed.
    The cable coming from control box to under seat to the helmet hook-up point is too short overall to hang the end in the factory hanger. I ended up tucking it between upper passenger
    backrest and the armrest.

    Now for bluetooth setup, first of all this is to get from blue tooth to the corded J&M helmet set, so you can use cell phone and integrate GPS and radar detector.
    This come in two pieces, the first is a thumb switch/volume controller which ONLY affects anything coming through the dongle. It mounts between the left handlebar grip and the bar controls.
    You're probably going to need a small nail set and a hammer to get the two pieces in so you can start the allen head bolts. It is a tight fit. Tighten the upper and lower bolts alternately so as to pull the whole thing together evenly. Once that is tight route the cable down the left riser and tuck it in under the dust shield that goes into left hand cubby.
    Oh, sorry, skipped a step, you have to remove trim piece on left side and the cubby. I also removed my radio control panel so I could get a second bear paw in to work.
    Now comes the fun part if you have anything that resembles man hands, you are to locate the "dongle" as far rearward as possible under the cubby on the inside of the left body panel above the left radiator.

    I suggest before peeling the 3M tape covers off you test fit it, get an idea the easiest way to get the little box and all the wires in to get it located where you want. Once you do this pull it out
    and take a clean rag and rubbing alcohol and clean the entire area and let it dry. Then put the box back in the way you found easiest, get it located where you want it and press it to the panel and
    hold pressure for say a 20 count.
    Now go back to the minimal instructions and start connecting the wiring ends as instructed.

    BIG HINT, your headset hook-up is more than likely under your air intake snorkel and its a bear to get out.

    Once you've got everything connected and you've spent half an hour relocating things until cubby fits back in you're done except for setting up your cell phone and the dongle. The instructions are very clear on this, mine connected first try. I was able to receive and make phone calls with no problem.

    On the thumb controller on your bar, the button is basically answer/call and hang up. The rocker switch below it is the volume control, left to lower right to raise. Instructions made no mention of it.

    If you are interested in J&M stuff I know a place online that is 30% under just about everyone else. If Cruiseman tells me I can post the name I will, until that point PM me and I'll give you the site.

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    Thanks for the post. Any chance you snapped a couple of pictures during the install for sharing?
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      I would like to do something like that with Bluetooth (However) as soon as I buy something - Next year there is an upgraded product (BLUE TOOTH) related so for now I will wait it out till 4.0 or something above comes along- Nice write up.
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        Originally posted by Wheels View Post
        Thanks for the post. Any chance you snapped a couple of pictures during the install for sharing?
        No Sir I didn't. Didn't even think about it until everything was buttoned up.

        Like I said, it is an uncomplicated install, just that the instructions don't give you much. Knowing the color of the connector and the number of pins was all that I had to go by.

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          I gave up on Bluetooth long ago. I never could find anything that worked as advertised.

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