problem with newly installed hyper lites

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  • problem with newly installed hyper lites

    I just picked my bike from shop sunday nite. Had hyper lites, electronic cruise control and led strip installed across the tail trunk ( CTX1300),, It is set up so when brakes applied the LEDs on trunk and the hyperlites flash rapidly 3 times then go solid,, worked great when I picked it up.. But by time I got home the brake portion of the LEDs strip and the hyper lites stopped working... If I turn the key off,, it will reboot and start working properly for a while then stop again.. Plus I noticed the yellow part of the hyper lites ( turn signals) do not flash at all,, Any thoughts ????

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    I would email to call Hyperlites and ask them if there might be some configuration setting that is off.
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      Ok if no one else comes up with a suggestion before I get home I will try them Thanks

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        Kniterider, I think I would have to take the bike back to the installing dealer since you paid him to do the install to diagnose and fix the problem. You have paid for this! Yes, I agree with Chris that contacting Hyperlites might result in them offering several ideas on the problem for the installer to focus on.

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          throw the Hyperlights in the garbage ..

          go with TIR-3 from Strobes-n-more and wire them direct ..

          You'll be noticed .. and never regret the change.
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            I have finished the usa 4 corners ,, 50 CC and 3 Flags sir,, successfully this time Thank you.

            I just tried that strobes n more website.. They do have some interesting light combos to try Thank you also

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