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  • 2012 Engine Keeps Dying

    I have a 2012 Audio Comfort ABS with at least 3 maybe 4 year old battery. Twice in the past two weeks, the engine has just stopped at idle. My bike has the Dreaded Stumble and will, every couple of years or so, stumble so much that it dies or nearly dies at idle or just from revving the engine with the bike stopped andin neural. So, I’m thinking it is the air fuel-cold-start issue. I have the Electrical Connection ECM Enhancer here at the house and was about to put it in (honestly have someone ELSE put it in) but ... today I ran over rail road tracks and the engine stopped running.

    Say what?

    I pulled over to the side of the road, checked the kill switch, ignition switch position, kick stand and all that. When I hit the starter button, I got a tiny little “rr.” It sounded like a dead battery, only REALLY dead. I tried three or four more time. Same thing—a tiny “rr.” Then, the engine started up and ran normally. Loose connection?

    Anyway, I rode home and checked the battery connections. They where tight. No great foamy stuff on the bolts either. I checked the battery charge and my volt meter says 13.07 volt. This is just weird.

    I did notice that lately my seat looks like it has moved back, so that must mean the air box cover moved forward. My electric jacket plug has fallen from between the tank and the seat. The wire is somewhere under the seat. And today, before my ride, I noticed the air box cover was loose—the line of the cover was odd and one tab was sticking up on the back left corner, by the front left corner of the seat. Coincidence?

    Suggestions? Ideas? Horror stories? Magic cure-all’s welcome.

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