Electric Windbender Problem

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  • Electric Windbender Problem

    My electric Windbender seems to have quit working. I have an email into Firecreek but was curious if anyone has an idea. The motor continues to work but the arm doesn't move. I have cleaned the tracks and lubed them with Dry Lube. I am not sure if there are connectors inside the housing that connect the arm. Any ideas?

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    Talk to Len. I think he had the same problem at one time.

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      Thanks Jerry Will contact him.

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        Call Dayle at Firecreek. When I had a similar problem he was replaced my out of warranty motor for a reasonable price.

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          I would bet the gear that moves the arm is stripped.

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            Got an email into Dayle late last night and will call him today. That is what I suspect also but wanted to see if anyone here had the same problem.

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              Dayle is a great guy! He will get to the bottom of it.

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