Is it normal that my rear tire wear faster than the front?

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  • Is it normal that my rear tire wear faster than the front?

    I noticed the front and rear tires which bought at XXX both installed new at the same time but have worn very differently. I will consider replacing the rear tire it again but while the front tire still looks nice and hold on to the road.
    Does everyone experience this? Is it normal ?
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    Yes. Everyone's total mileage is different based on how aggressive they ride, but with 1800 bike tires the front lasts about twice as long as the rear. I run Bridgestones and get ~20K on the front and half that on the rear. That's why I went to a car tire on the rear. Now I get about the same on both. Others on here who ride much more aggressively than me get about half that.

    Edited to add: And welcome aboard! If you're having to wonder about wearing tread that means you're riding. As we always say, be sure to add pictures!
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      Welcome - are you riding a Goldwing?

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        I suspect a spammer with the URL link in there. I'd check the IP address of the poster. A motorcyclist that does not know the rear tire wears faster? Plus the bad grammar
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