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  • GL1800 (Any Year): GPS voice commands.

    I have Sena 10 headsets,when riding alone,which doesn"t happen often I can hear the radio and the GPS voice commands, but when my helmet is paired with passengers helmet can no longer hear either the radio or the GPS commands thru the helmet headset, turn off passenger headset then I can hear radio and GPS,is this the way it is or is something amiss?

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    If you're talking about a 2018+ GL1800 then both headsets have to be paired to the bike not to each other.

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      Someone please help i have ghe sena 10 and i got it paired to my wing but i hear no sound in the helmet. Just on the bike. It says paired connected and volume is turned up high what am i doing wrong?

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        Make sure audio source is set to headset and not speakers.

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          I had the same problem but after spending about an hour on the phone with Sena support, I finally have it figured out. I had to reset the Sena Headsets to factory defaults by pressing the + button for 10 seconds and then navigating to "Factory Reset" by pressing the + button until you get to it. Once there, hit the - button to confirm. Once you have the headsets reset to factory default, pair the headsets to your phone using "Mobile Phone Pairing" and pair to you Gold Wing using "Second Mobile Phone Pairing" - to get there, you hit the - button for 12 seconds until you hear "Mobile Phone Pairing" then hit the + button until you hear "Second Mobile Phone Pairing" and then pair to your Wing.(First, unpair your current headsets from your Wing). After doing this, I now hear the radio, etc on my headsets when I select "headsets" as the output source on my Wing. Side note, if you have a passenger headset, you'll need to follow the above instructions and then pair the 2 headsets together per the Sena instructions. I can hear the radio, etc on both headsets - it takes a few seconds before the radio comes through the headsets as I believe it has to time out of intercom mode first. Worked for me - good luck - PITA I know but it did work!!
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