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    hi folks,
    I'm rebuilding the front forks on my 03 GL1800, and installing Progressive springs. I have Bel Ray fork oil 20, and I was wondering if this was a good choice for oil density or is it better to go with the OEM suggested product?
    Thanks for all input.

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    I use 10w Bel Ray and it works for me. I'm sure there are others who believe if pure Honda is not used you will have problems, but as I say have used it (Bel Ray) for 3 rebuilds and it works well. Hope this helps.

    Crabby Bob

    Retired and riding a Goldwing - Life is good!
    2001 Gl1800A - Illusion Red
    DS # 1258 - Double Darkside

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      Unless you are a heavy weight?. meaning over 270#'s I suggest you try 15w fork oil.

      I tried them all in my bike and yes I can feel the difference between 5w oils.

      20W was to firm.
      15W was better but I wanted to try 10W the next time a seal gave me an issue to see if I could get a smoother ride?..

      I couldn't wait for a seal leak so I pulled the forks and went with 10W and found it best for my 220#'s with a 150# co-rider.

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        Thanks, I started to get seeping on the left side, so I changed to ATF, which I suppose is around 15W. I also disabled the antidive with a spacer, as I it felt very harsh going over bumps, we'll see what happens this season. No, I'm 168 lbs, but my SO is 210 lbs, and we almost always ride two up.

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