A question about Fix-A-Flat tire sealant/inflator

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  • GL1800 (Any Year): A question about Fix-A-Flat tire sealant/inflator

    Have any of you used this, or a product like it?

    I cannot seem to find any information as to whether or not it will work with TUBE tires, like on a Bushtec trailer. I was going to get a can just in case of an emergency on the trailer.
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    When younger, dirt bikes all had tubed tires. For that sized tire/tube, I would think it'd be nearly as easy to pull the tire off and repair it.

    Thus, a really small jack would be a trailer-only requirement, along with a couple of inexpensive tire tools.
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      I did a quick search for fixing tubed motorcycle tires. It appears that the foam fix a flat will not work with tubed tires, the hole will keep expanding. Slime makes a sealant for tubed motorcycle tires. I have used it in bicycle tires with good results. Have also used a similar product in non tubed motorcycle tires with good results. You will need a way to pump up the tire. I keep a small 12 volt pump and tire plugs on bike.

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        I have used Slime in my tubed dirt bike tires for many years, and I ride my dirt bike in the high desert where there is an abundance of mesquite thorn bushes. Many times I have, after a ride, pulled thorns from my tire exteriors and found residue of the green Slime where it has sealed the puncture and prevented a ride-ending flat tire. Slime claims to be able to seal up to 1/8 inch punctures, but I can't attest to that claimed capability...few nails or screws to be found in the desert, just lotsa thorns. Gosh, wouldn't it be good to drink some kind of "Slime" drink to aid in sealing the thorn punctures in my hands and arms!

        So, Rocky, perhaps a preventative, pre-ride introduction of Slime to the tubes would possibly be instrumental in avoiding the emergency flat repair.

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          Sorry Rocky...I really meant to say "Cruiseman." Forgot who posted the original query.

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