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    I wanted to share a mod that I just did (pictures to come later) which may help folks. In my case, I had purchased nice comfy riding boots (SWAT, steal toe, waterproof) but realized I could not use the rear brake without lifting the heel off the floorboard. My previous riding boot was a cowboy boot that had the front toe curled up at the tip (and allowed me to use the brake pedal with the heel on the floorboard). Since I like using the rear brake in slow speed situations (coming to a stop, parking lots, or low speed tight turns around cones), this was a problem.

    Well, problem solved. I just installed a "Heel Boss" purchased from the website that has a lot of WingStuff (hint). Installation was only 5 minutes. It puts a mini floorboard above and on the inside of the right floorboard (I have the Kuryakyn floorboards). It works by allowing one to put the heel on the heel boss while braking. Works like a champ and it allows me to have that same smooth slow speed riding/stopping while using those nice new comfortable riding boots. It didn't cost that much, too (around $30).

    So if you have Kuryakyn floorboards and can't use the rear brake with your heel on the floorboard, give Heel Boss a try. YMMV (google "Goldwing Heel Boss" for a pic)
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