Show Off your Voltmeter Installations!

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  • Show Off your Voltmeter Installations!

    Photos are worth 500 words or, show 'em off!
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    Mine is like :Rocky''s except it is mounted in a different place. I put mine on the right speaker grill so I could check it from time to time without taking my eyes off the road. The blue works for me since my wing is blue and I can see it during the day.If it is in direct sunlight I can shade the meter with my hand and get a reading.
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      Do these plug into the same diagnostic connection as my Healtech gear indicator?
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        Mine is behind and shines through the speaker grill.

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          Forum won't let me upload a photo, so I posted a link to my own write-up.

          2013 Honda F6B

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            I use the volt meter built into my Escort radar detector
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              This is where I installed mine on the 2012

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                I use:

                I bought the 8mm auto dimming, can see it perfect both in direct sun light, and it auto dims so it won't blind you at night, so simple to hook up


                John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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                  here ya go

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