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    Just checking out the picture posting thing, so I thought I'd show you my Custom size 13" Madstat shield. It is a light bronze (very light) top shield and a solid black lower shield. The top shield brackets are adjustable in height and rake. Very solid and well made. Buffeting is almost %100 gone, just a gentle breeze and I can see over the shield all the time. I run it all the way down in the heat and then up one inch during cooler weather. These are made near Dade City, Fl.

    Also I finished up installing a Rocky tree, Monotubes, and all balls. The ride sure is better, much more feedback instead of the mushy ride it had.
    Thanks to Rocky for enlightening me on the install and results. I'm very happy with the results.
    Darkside #1527, Double Dark

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    Save $1000 a year in labor by doing your own maintenance!

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      Yea, you now have another new bike. Those suspension mods are great......I'm interested in that shield.
      '12 GL1800 Level 4 & '08 FLHX Darksider #1378

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        Glad to go into more details, I can post or pm to any questions you have.
        Darkside #1527, Double Dark

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        Looks sharp!

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          Very nice.
          '12 GL1800 Level 4 & '08 FLHX Darksider #1378

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