Powered Remote Operated GoPro Mounting Assembly

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  • Powered Remote Operated GoPro Mounting Assembly

    A friend of mine asked me to post how I mounted and powered my GoPro:

    To answer His Questions -- My Buddy Howard & I made a Cardboard Temp Plate of the underside of Fairing with the two Bolt Holes being used to mount my PIAA Driving Lights. Then purchased a Piece of Scrap 1/4-Inch Aluminum Plate at Junk Yard -- cut it to Temp Plate dimensions, drilled holes, formed it or bent with a concave shape to follow the curvature of underside of Fairing. Cut a piece of the Aluminum Plate to make an arm to actually mount the GoPro and bent it at angles to raise it to clear Front Fender when Suspension compresses and to be level with ground. Bolted this mounting Arm to the underside of the larger Mounting Plate -- polished the Aluminum and clear lacquered it so it will not discolor.

    Regarding the wiring I used Automotive Power Adapter with supplied Rubber Rain Cover (Similar to a Cigarette Plug) mounted in the Right Part of Dash of Goldwing. Inserted a Dual Port USB Power Adapter into the Automotive Power Adapter -- run a USB Cable from this to a 4 Port Switched USB Hub mounted inside the Fairing ahead of the Lockable Right Storage Pocket -- then from USB HUB Ports to GoPro Video Camera. WiFi Receiver mounted on rear of GoPro Camera, and too the GoPro WiFi Controller attached beside the Left Storage Pocket.

    This GoPro Controller is water Proof as is the GoPro Camera and WiFi Receiver. With the thick Aluminum Plate mounted tight to Fairing there is absolutely no vibration and it comes off with two bolts, so Motorcycle is easy to service if I need to work in that area.

    Pictures of the final mount and wired assembly follow -- took the Goldwing out for a ride on a rough Country Road between Snow Storms and everything functioned perfectly even operating the Controller with gloved hand riding down the road.

    Happy, Happy, Happy,

    Northern Dancer,







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    Excellent writeup, if I ever get a gopro I think this is the route I'll go with the install
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