Added Dash & accessories panel to my 05

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  • Added Dash & accessories panel to my 05

    Made a dash panel out of 1/4" plastics to mount my radar detector & GPS. Add a EC Panel on left side for switches

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    looks nice & Clean
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      Very nice modification! Probably a lot more useful than the compartment that used to be there too.

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        Nice Job
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          Looks sharp!
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            Originally posted by rayg05 View Post
            Made a dash panel out of 1/4" plastics to mount my radar detector & GPS.
            How did you attach the 1/4" plastic to the dash?
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              Purchased 2 radar detector mounts from VP Accessories. Glued the plastic to them, and 2 small bolts through plastic & radar mounts. Went to Ace Hardware and got 2 small 8mm x 1/2 to use as set screws under dash. If you look real close to above pic you can see the 2 screws underneath. Hope this explains it if you need more info let me know, Ray

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