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  • Lightmode for helmet- safety feature

    If you look at the general forum under "Lightmode Helmet Lighting" you'll see what I did and how visible it makes the helmet. I think this is a significant safety item and very reasonable in cost. Note how the helmet shows up (same exposure for each photo)

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    While I am not a fan of the TRON styling, I do like the idea of extra visibility when night riding . . . . did you do a "how to" thread on this mod ? Got a link to it ?
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      Hi, Unc-the instructions rhat come with it are easy tomfollow-essentially youmuse the supplied strimg to "design" your pattern, then glue the luminescent wire on with supplied thick crazy glue and 'instant set' liquid in the kit. Easy to do. Put batteries in the holder, use rhe supplied 3M outdoor fastener which makesbattery pack removable, and light it up! I used the electroluminescent wire- they said NOT to cut it. The electroluminescent tape, I found out belatedly, CAN be cut; not only that but it get brighter as you shorten it, according to the imstructions. While Imcould domwithout the "Tron" look I'll do a lot for safety, and this isman attention-getter.
      Don't be afraid to tackle this- it is easy- about a half hour's work
      Let me know if you have any further questions- feel free to PM or post

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