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  • Doran TPMS Review

    I have posted my Doran TPMS review in the Articles section:

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    Cruiseman can't agree more with your review. I have had it on my 05 for 4 years, only problem 1 sensor went bad this year, unscrewed and reprogrammed unit to sensor and good to go.
    A little tip about pushing buttons on with gloves make sue you use tip on fingers and works good. I mounted my unit on the brake reservoir and like it in view, I also wired mine live all the time and haven't noticed any effects on battey. They are are great company to work with, when calling them they sent out new sensor same day and had the next. I highly recommend it, Ray

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      Doran is without a doubt a solid system. My only gripe and the reason I went with another brand is that the Doran does not show tire temperature. To me that is a more important than a pressure readout.
      Ultimately, most tire failures result from or coincide with high tire temperatures.
      Even a tire that fails after loosing air, it is really failing because low pressure caused the tire to overheat, and yes, the low pressure warning will quite likely allow you to get stopped before damage is done, but pressure is just one thing that will make a tire run hot. Overloading. Brakes dragging, High road temperatures, etc

      I'm not trying to say that systems that read pressure only are no good, They are very useful and much better than nothing at all, but I want to know more than just pressure. In fact, I leave mine on the temp display most times. If the pressure drops the warning light on both the OEM and aftermarket TPMS will let me know about that.

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        I've had mine for a couple of years and it is a quality set and easily programmable. The pressure readings are right on the money. Nuff said.
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