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  • Installed a trailer harness

    See post 2 for photos or look at the photobucket slideshow.

    Pretty straightforward mod, once I got past the idea of using a hole saw on the bike. - Yes, I did get this idea from another forum, but figured I'd post it on here for anyone looking to do something similar so this is not an idea I came up with on my own.

    My old harness is a 5pin flat connector that I have wired so it can be used for a trailer or for my license plate frame when there isn't a trailer. Its a neat way to keep the wires tidy and hidden, but in all honesty, it is a pain to use as I have to remove the center section to unplug the license frame any time I want to hook up a trailer. My wife and I also just got a new trailer with a 6pin round connector so this was a good excuse to fix a design flaw in my original idea.

    Here goes for the quick, down, and dirty on the install.
    1. Remove center panel, trim pieces and bolts holding lower trunk section on. Mine has led parade lights on it so I didn't remove it completely, but you could if you wanted to.
    2. mark, measure, measure, measure, and drill a pilot hole. At this point I figured I could go back by just putting a small cap in if I wasn't sure.
    3. Use a hole saw to drill a hole large enough for the connector. Test fit and mark and drill the holes to bolt the connector onto the bike.
    4. I tinned the wires before installing them for better contact, then used liquid electrical tape to seal everything in.
    5- I used RTV during the install, but you don't have it. Now that I think about it, I probably should have taken the metal bracket and cut the lip off and used it as a large washer to distribute the pressure of plugging/unplugging of the trailer harness.
    6 .Route your wires and install them to your trailer relay box or whatever you have any way you see fit.
    7. Install all the body panels making sure to plug in any connectors in that you disconnected during dis-assembly.
    8. Enjoy having a hidden, or semi-hidden, trailer harness plug.

    blackaero1's Trailer Harness slideshow: details of the install
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    Here are the photos- the photos are out of order, but hopefully if you're doing this mod yourself you can figure out the order they go in. The slideshow in photobucket shows the correct order.
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      That looks slick. For some reason, I'm having a hard time figuring out some of the logistics. I'll look at again when I'm fully awake. Very nice.
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        Thanks. The hardest part, as always, is drilling the hole into the bike.
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