Small mods to our 02 1800

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  • Small mods to our 02 1800

    Nothing huge, but we are making constant improvements to it as we go. Just got the bike a couple months ago. Today I added the SS pucks to the bottom of the footpegs. It was an easy 30 minute job.
    Gotta start practicing those slow turns in parking lots. Got the 'Ride like a pro' dvd and need to get to work on it.
    I also got an aux cable on ebay, bike did not come with one. It only took about 15 minutes to install. Plugged it in and the sound from the speakers from my phone is 100% better from the on-board radio. Lot's better volume and clarity. Gonna enjoy that!

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    I love to ride my wing but I also love to mod it. That's how it happens. Small mods first then you get increasingly caught up in the moment and start going nuts. I have way too many mods on my 01 but I still have some mods that I want to install. Have fun and good luck on your way to the poor house.
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