accessory mounting and Windbender windshields

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  • accessory mounting and Windbender windshields

    When I got an airbag model, I had to rethink the mounting of accessories to keep things out of the path of the bag.
    I only had a couple things mounted before and used a Texcellent bar, but it was definitely not going to play well with the airbag, so it had to go, along with my Butler cup.
    That left my iPhone. Now I don't use it as a phone on the bike, but I do like the weather maps and wanted it front and center for that reason.
    What I came up with was to use the rails on my Windbender as amounting point.

    I just removed the lower screw, drilled and tapped the hole for the 1/4 inch stud on a Ram ball.

    Next I mounted another Ram ball on a two bolt flange to a Lifeproof bicycle mount. This mount work great because the latch actually has a slide lock that keeps the phone in its Lifeproof case securely in the mount.

    I used the same method on the other rail to mount my TPMS.

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    American ingenuity - Got to love it. Nice job.

    Crabby Bob

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      I will be stealing this idea!
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        Nice demonstration of thinking outside the box to work around an obstacle, and very clean look. Great job.
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          Nicely done Jerry!

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            I had to upgrade my old iPhone 4 to a 5s and of coarse the Lifeproof case had to be replaced and since it is larger than the 4, my mount was not going to work.

            I bring this up because anyone looking at mounting a Ram ball on a Lifeproof mount, should buy the belt clip model instead of the Bike mount. Mine came without the clip installed making it much easier to mount the ram ball. The first time I did the bike mount and it involved cutting the swivel socket off of the bike mount.

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              Very nice mod. Clean looking and keeps the device out of the dirty air flow.
              Marc from sunny NorCal
              2008 Titanium Nav (non - ABS)

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                Very nice. It definitely goes on my winter work list. Thanks for posting

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                  looks really professional. Nice job
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                    Great idea. I use the x-mount for my I-phone that ram mount makes. Had alot of trouble finding the perfect place and this would have been ideal. Gonna steal it.
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                      Very clean mount. . . I have been thiking about a Wing Bender, now will add this to the list of possibilities .
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