Scored a set of F6B tips

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  • Scored a set of F6B tips

    Scored a set of F6B tips from the "other" forum. I think they're a huge improvement over the stock tips.

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    I would like some but man they are high. They look good

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      Look great!


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        Those really look right with the new style bags.

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          That was the first thing I did to my 12 as soon as I got it - They really make a Good fit and should have come stock on the "NEW" WIng as well.
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            I really do like the looks of this bike, and that certainly adds to it.
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              Thank you everyoe for the positive comments. I just did not like the the other set ups I've had where the tips ended under the bags. Did not look finished.

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                Looks great, as others mentioned, I do not know why Honda does not so some simple things like this to improve the looks of the bikes.
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