Bedliner on the Instrument Cover

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  • Bedliner on the Instrument Cover

    Covered up rough instrument cover with spray on bedliner. Covered until smooth. Looks awesome.

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    Hey Scott! It does look good don't it. I had a 03 for a short stint that the guy did just that and it did look good! He even did the lower cowls too!
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      • Shadowslayer
        Shadowslayer commented
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        How do you add pics. I have some lower cowl pics but none of the instrument cover at present.

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        Agreed Rocky . . totally . .
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          It's funny how people make comments or complain about the very things they are guilty of. Concerning this thread being worthless without pics, notice that your comments come AFTER I ask how to upload pics.

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          • Cruiseman
            Cruiseman commented
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            In the post editor, there is an icon that looks like a piece of paper with a paper clip, that is for Attachments. You can use that to upload/attach photos.

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          Thanks Cruiseman. I must confess I didn't notice it when I posted. I actually am fairly tech savy. I just tried to upload but got file size error.

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          • bikerbillone
            bikerbillone commented
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            I have the same problem, could never quite figure how how to reduce the size of pic to allow the pic post.

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          I use Photoscape to resize pics for posting on the boards when required.
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          Might give that a try.

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            I wonder how "PlastiDip" would work for a rough instrument cover ? At least if you didn't like it you could peel it off.

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              I used plasti-dip spray on mine. First attempt was iffy with runs, etc. Wiped it off and sanded better. I discovered if I held button SLIGHTLY down so it sort of sputtered out, it dried to a nice rubbery pebble/wrinkle effect. This in black on my black bike looks awesome. Had to restrain self from spraying other stuff.

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