2018 Goldwing Tour DCT - Honda 12V Plug Installation

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  • 2018 Goldwing Tour DCT - Honda 12V Plug Installation

    The Honda 12V accessory plug was purchased the same day the motorcycle was delivered in July. Its installation was deferred until it was put in winter storage to give me something to work on while the bike was idle. The installation instructions were downloaded from Honda's Power Sports site. This accessory I consider crucial because without it if the bike experiences a flat tire it will be impossible to fix the flat with a tubeless tire repair kit then reflate the tire to get you to a dealership to ultimately replace the tire. It is also handy for recharging smart phones and head sets.

    Honda is nice enough to provide a connector on the accessory plug which connects up to a connector already installed in the right locality for this accessory. They even have a dummy plug in the motorcycle connector that protects the contacts from corrosion until the accessory is installed.

    Why Honda does not install this device at the factory is a mystery because getting the plug installed basically requires removing all of the cowls and panels on the Goldwing from the seat forward. This will finally give one access to the left side deflector panel which needs to be removed in order to drill out the marked location on the underside of the panel.

    It took me approximately 14 manhours to complete the job because of some issues with removing connectors on the right side deflector panel. The Cruiseman HomeLink installation on YouTube was a godsend in completing this job successfully because the HomeLink install pretty much mimics most of the 12V accessory plug installation.

    When the job was complete I was left with one 5mm hex screw and two plastic clips in the parts bin. The 5mm hex screw install was an oversight on my part and I know where it goes when I eventually replace the air filter. Its location is buried too deep beneath all the panels to put it in its proper place. The two plastic clips install on the left and right middle cowls but were purposely left off to facilitate not having to remove the left and right inner cowls, both of which are a pain to remove and re-install. Neither middle cowl should suffer from not installing these clips.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Very nicely done!
    Save $1000 a year in labor by doing your own maintenance!

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      I know how you feel. I had a few screws left after following Cruisemans (excelent) instructions to change the air cleaner on my ‘’12. Lot of work.

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        very nice! i consider this my must have accessory for my radar detector. the dealership was supposed to install this along with the running lights when i bought my bike. the light harness was back ordered so they didnt install this, which ticked me off since i was picking up the bike and heading on a trip that day. instead of what you did, they installed it on the front of the bike by the handle bars and ran the wire to the battery. real easy install, took them 10 mins and it has worked well. my only hang up is its zip tied and even though it's not going anywhere, its a bit jenky to me. one good thing about it though is that i dont have the cord running across the "tank" area to it and its close to my mount.

        The GW old GWers wish Honda would make.

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          Ordered one today to install but found a short cut you might want to use as an alternative method. Seems like there is always someone who finds perhaps a quicker and easier (method). In any case at your discresssion look here for the suggestion.


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            What is the fuse size on the circuit. 01-17 were fused at 5 amps. Most air compressors require a circuit that can carry 15 amps and fused at 15 amps.

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            • kwthom
              kwthom commented
              Editing a comment
              Same size - 5A. Insufficient for a compressor, as you note.

              Nearly all compressors I've seen for powersport use have a battery terminal pigtail to resolve that little problem.
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