BLACK ISO Grips with contoured boss and ends

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  • 2012+ BLACK ISO Grips with contoured boss and ends

    i have a 2015 wing, would like to put on BLACK ISO grips, so far i know Kuryakyn 6383 works with our heated grips. I would like to put contoured throttle boss on both sides, this may seem strange to some folks i've communicated with, but yes, i want to put them on both side and i want them black. from my research and sorting out, 6314 fits, BUT only works on right side. is there a black for the left side or perhaps the smaller regular throttle boss fit? haven't been able to get a clear answer.
    do any of you have this set up or perhaps another brand??? do the weighted ends work, do they help or another gimmick??? i dont know so i'm asking for help, thanks in advance

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    okay, has anyone used double contoured throttle bosses in chrome on their heated grips...maybe i can check out another option

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