2012 GL1800 Nav System - Complete Reset?

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  • 2012 GL1800 Nav System - Complete Reset?

    As my 2012 GL1800 will be headed for its new home in a couple of days, I want to delete all trip and search data. I managed to delete the Home, and the Favorites, but need to clear the searches, Having gone through all the menu and sub-menu choices I could not find a way to totally clear these out. Any help with this is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Pull the cover off the Navi. On the actual unit there is a reset pinhole on top. If I remember correctly you push and hold the reset while the navi boots up. It has been a few years so please double check but I believe that is the correct way.

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      Update: I will be keeping the bike for a while longer. As for the Nav system, I just manually entered a bunch of searches for various places, and those overrode the previous entries.

      Thanks again to all.

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