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    I'm getting ready to replace the rear shock with a new trike takeoff (2014). The new shock doesn't include the preload pump or shock actuator. Thus I'm needing to remove the actuator from my old shock. Can anyone tell me where I can get a spring compression tool? I am aware the spring can be compressed with straps and a jack, but I'd be more comfortable with the appropriate tool.

    And one more question - since I've gotten into the bike this far, what does the group suggest regarding the spring on the new shock. Should I leave the new spring installed or should it be replaced? If replacing - what brand/rate is recommended? My riding weight is ~260 lbs. solo, 400 lbs. two up.

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    I am sure there are multiple sources but this place has them:

    You might also want to PM Rocky. For the question on the shock and spring off of a 2014, I would use the spring and shock that came off of the 2014. Rocky might have another suggestion seeing as you are at 400 pounds two up.

    Good luck.
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      Here is a good read on shock/spring rates.
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