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  • Pre-2012 Wing Nav update

    Garmin has come out with an update for the Wing Nav. Through Garmin, it is US $95. But, apparently, Canadian bikes are Different??? So, Honda
    Canada has become the sole distributor of the SD Ca $285 !!! How's that for a price gouging mark-up? Clones anyone ?

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    When did this update come out...I purchased my last update around May you know if this is a newer version...My Wing is a 2013

    John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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      I got my update at Christmas time, it has 2013 maps, and it came with US and Canada cards.
      Dave Wyatt
      08 GL1800
      76 CB750A

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        Go tp this site and the current map update for the goldwing is The map update comes on an SD™ card for model years 2012 to current. The current map available for purchase is City Navigator® North America 2015.40.

        My Nuvi (portable) maps are current 2017.30. - The honda site runs 2 years behind so if you want until june 2019 you can get 2017.20 -Their isn't much difference unless they built new roads since then and they haven't.

        Cost is $95 For SD card this for 2012- Current GPS only
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          I used the free OpenStreetMaps maps - seems to work well, it's free, plus it's pretty much up-to-the-minute current. There's a forum thread somewhere with instructions on how to do it etc. I used a spare 2GB CF card I had sitting around, and used it on my 08 GL1800, keeping the original card (which I think had 2013 maps), just in case.

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