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  • 2012+ 2014 Wing, Intercom question

    I am getting the Wing and helmets set up with J&M equipment. Having NEVER used either a headset or the intercom on a bike I have questions.

    First of all, the parts I will be using. J&M 629 Elite headsets, J&M CFBR-GL1800 blue tooth integration box, J&M PSCR-GL1815 (when available) passenger sound controller and PTT.

    Now, for the pilot, to use the intercom is it just voice activated or can the CB PTT switch be used to activate? Or is the button for the blue tooth used to activate intercom?

    I like the whole Mic-Mutes set up, but unfortunately both parties say not to use them with the blue tooth set up.

    Any help is appreciated, the J&M instructions for the blue tooth are kind of sparse so I thought I'd throw it out here.

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    Not familiar at all with the Bluetooth setup from J&M. Perhaps it is VOX, but the stock Goldwing intercom is not voice activated, it is either ON or OFF (switch on radio panel). The CB PTT switch only comes into play if you have Mic-Mutes installed. Again, I am not sure how the J&M setup works. Maybe somebody else on here has the J&M Bluetooth and can answer that question.
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      I just bought the Sena 20s Bluetooth setup for me and my wife. Don't know about J&M but I do know the bike intercom is turned off and unused. The headsets have wireless intercom between them.
      Mic Mutes are no longer used because you are not using the bike intercom. I just turn the bike intercom off.
      This my first bluetooth setup and it works pretty dang good!
      The headset intercom stays active for awhile but if you don't talk it will go to standby and you have to touch a button to start talking again. That only happened to us once when we stopped for lunch and put our helmets up.
      My 2012 Goldwing intercom was horrible and I finally had to spend the bucks for bluetooth. Did a lot of research and chose the new Sena 20s.
      I just got back from a ride with my wife and there wasn't any wind noise and the system worked fantastic.
      I also bought a Sena SM10 Bluetooth transmitter and a cable that plugs into my Goldwing intercom plug and now I can hear my Goldwing stereo and the USB music in stereo. I can't use the CB with this setup but you can spend more money and get it working also. I ain't spending any more right now.
      I sure the J&M Bluetooth headsets will work great also.
      Good luck!
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      Retired MSF Instructor

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        I have the stock wired J&M headsets for communications per my navigators orders. They works OK. Then I discovered the greatest function of all. I can turn them off using the intercom button. It stops all orders from behind me . All communications are null when I want to pass a Harley (except for kidney punches ) . I think Cruiseman will understand .

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