CB radio volume control issue.

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  • CB radio volume control issue.

    Got a problem. Got a 2012 wing. The CB has worked excellent since new. On the way to Daytona I got two CB radio error message on the screen. Radio kept working if I turned it off and on. After those two deals it worked great the rest of the way. However, yesterday the message popped up again. Turned it off and then back on as before and it worked as expected. A little later I tried turning the volume up and it will not go up. The volume control will turn it down, but will not turn it back up. It works fine otherwise. You can hear the beep it makes when you move the volume control either up or down. The volume level is stuck in 9. It will go down but not up. Any ideas? I have turned it to the bike speakers and no changes in operation, turned the music radio off and no changes in operation. Factory CB. Once I got home I accidentally turned the radio volume down to level 00. First thought I was screwed, but then I somehow turned it down again and it went to level 99 and I had loud volume. So I turned it down to level 24 or something like that and so far so good. What do you think?

    I posted this on the other forum by mistake - no idea of how- but got limited info.

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    I had a very similar occurrence occur with the CB volume. It would go down, but not up. Once it got to "0", I had to work the switch up and down to get it to respond. Has not done it again. It acted as if the switch had some dirt on the contacts that cleaned off as I worked the switch up and down. If it happens again, I would recommend taking some contact cleaner to the switch to free it up.

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      Trîed that.

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        Try disconnecting the battery for awhile and see if that helps.
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          Hadn't thought of that. I'll give it a try. Thanks. Works for computers.....

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