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  • City Navigator North America NT 2016.20

    I have understanding that "City Navigator North America NT 2016.20" is out there. Does anyone know where to get it? And what is latest firmware for 2012 and up GPS units?

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    I have a Zumo with life time maps and 2016.20 is available for my device. Your up-grade will cost you $95 you can find the information here I'm sure with a little looking around you will find the latest firm ware as well. A phone call to them will probably answer all your questions. They give great phone service!

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      True. I've been using 2016.20 in both Garmin Basecamp and my device. This looks like it here:

      Latest GPS firmware on my Zumo590 is 3.05.14 and software version 3.20
      George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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