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    I have been advised that here in Australia there is an update for the GPS unit for my 2014 GL1800....all well and good I say...however, unlike our cousins overseas, we have to purchase the updated card from a Honda dealer, and yes you guessed it, it looks like the price is going to be somewhere around $AU 325.85....hmmm (US $233)

    Just received this........

    "update"...39250-MJK-U51 $331.87INC GST EX JAPAN
    ex Japan approx 2 weeks from date of order, all parts must be paid for in full when ordering

    We do not have the option to update via the Garmin website.....

    Maybe one should just purchase an external GPS unit....ah least I can use my android phone for GPS...

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    2014 Candy Prominence GL1800 Luxury, Aust version, 'cause that's where I live.

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    Yeah that really sucks. Its the same card for Oz and NZ on mine.
    I have not updated.

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      I found that issue with a truck w/indash GPS (have to buy the update). Didn't care - I like my dash mounted Garmin better anyway.
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        Why purchase the expensive update? Highways and local streets rarely change. If the original version of software has lots of errors or functional problems perhaps the cost will be worth the benefit but if the original version is satisfactory just ignore the update.

        Garmin plays us for suckers on some of the Nuvi car units. When the unit is a couple of years old it will begin flashing a message advising the owner his software is outdated and should be upgraded. I made that mistake with two LM (lifetime map updates) Garmin Nuvi units I own. The update download includes so much new and expanded graphics and other nice but non essential information that US users are forced to choose between mapping for the eastern half of the US or the western half.

        I selected eastern half on one unit and then forgot about the choice. I had that Nuvi unit on my Goldwing and set off on a ride to the west coast last year. The GPS wouldn't function once I crossed the state line into New Mexico. I was okay because I have the GPS/Navigation model Goldwing but the cheap aftermarket Nuvi units mounted on the dash offer some handy feature I enjoy such as speed over the road and speed limit side by side, elevation, or other data.
        Harvey Barlow
        Crosby County, TX
        2010 Goldwing Level II Pearl Yellow (sold at 93,000 miles)
        2014 Goldwing Level II Pearl Blue (sold at 27,000 miles to forum member)

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          Well there ya go, never trusted in-dash or builtin stuff as they have ya by the nuggets. I have always used a Tom Tom Unit of my choice with Lifetime Updates for All Maps and if its pouring down rain take it off or turn it down / I waterproof mine in a bag / use a Ram Mount / Turn the sound up / Add the sun visor and ride anywhere in the USA, Mexico and Canada. I have 2 different units and keep them both updated one is a Via 1605M RV and the other is XXL 540S they both do the job well and for the price they run now with free updates why would someone pay. I have never had a problem with either, sometimes I ignore until it re-maps the route but its automatic. I never wanted in dash navigation that could go haywire. To easy to take one off and plug the other one on and in 2 minutes your going. But I've never had to do that... But that's also why I don't want fancy electronics that can go nuts either on my bike or in my car , RV or Truck... I do like that big 6" screen and get lots of comments at night turned to night colors / Had one family pull up at a light an ask what we where watching, said Monday night football... NOT!! Kinda looks like a big screen TV....6" that is...
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            Yes thats right re the highways don't change much I find I am off the map sometimes when they straighten out the road sometimes..
            Some new roads appear so I follow the roan and the signage sometimes and pick it up again. No drama really.
            I have the gps on my phone but have no yet had to use it while riding.
            GL1800 8A - TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER 900

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              The Honda navigation unit actually works better than most of us give it credit for. Particularly the navigation unit in the Gen II Goldwings (2012 to .....). The new one has improved considerably over the one in my 2010 but it is still not as handy and doesn't offer all the data a cheap throwaway Nuvi does. I have three Nuvi units I bought from Wal-Mart as refurbished units for about $84 each.

              I like having both but wouldn't recommend someone pay the price to ride a Level II just to have the built-in gps.
              Harvey Barlow
              Crosby County, TX
              2010 Goldwing Level II Pearl Yellow (sold at 93,000 miles)
              2014 Goldwing Level II Pearl Blue (sold at 27,000 miles to forum member)

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                I too think the inbuilt GPS on my 2014 model works well, however we do get a lot of road changes across the I thought an update 'map' only was all I require....anyhow....i'm not paying $330 odd dollars for that....
                So I have been looking around the big wide internet, and low and behold, I have managed to find a way to get the current maps for Aust (the whole country) ...gee I love playing with computers....oh, I do have a background in these things...if ya get my drift....
                2014 Candy Prominence GL1800 Luxury, Aust version, 'cause that's where I live.

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                  here in Canada we also have to pay for our gps updated cards

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