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  • HID high beam issues...

    First mod, I installed a set of low beam HID kit from DDM tuning of California... set of 55Watt Xenon bulbs and a relayed wiring harness going directly to the battery, which they recommended. WOW, what a BIG difference that made!

    Second mod, I installed a set of Hi beam HID kit with relay wiring harness kit as a recommended option, from same company...this is where the issue started for this mod.

    Wiring harness was connected directly to the battery as recommended(as is the lo beam, which is working).

    The OEM wires were removed and connected to the the wiring harness and the output wires from the harness relay to the HID ballasts then to bulbs...

    Funniest thing happened...only one high beam comes on???

    BOTH of the original bulb wires were connected to this harness, both separate wire connectors and separate ballasts.

    I removed the recommended harness and tested for continuity of all wires and found them all good. Connecting the HID bulbs directly to OEM wires will light the bulbs but, with delay due to not having the ballasts.

    I'm wondering the reason my issues are that this relay that is mentioned on another post...a high beam relay? Being that wires connecting to the OEM bulbs are the actual outputs of this relay which turns on the high beams, why can't I connect this recommended harness to these OEM wiring to trigger the high beam on my HID bulbs?

    I've rotated the ballasts with low beams and they both works fine so, there must be other issues, somehow not related to the kit itself, that's causing this issue.

    Am I making any sense here???

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    kodiak, I would personally recommend NOT using HIDs in the High Beams. I did use both Low beam and High beam HIDs on my F6B, and found them to not work as well on the High Beams...and the reasoning was that there are times when you can only use the High beams for a brief moment. You think you are clear...to turn on the High beams, but a second or two later an oncoming car approaches, so you have to turn the High beams off.

    In that short time period that the High beam HIDs were on, they did not have the time to come up to full power. Cycling HIDs on and off...repeatedly is NOT good for the HID lights.

    In the long run, I removed the HIDs from my High beams...kept the HIDs in my Low beams...and installed PIAA Super White bulbs in my High Beams.

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      Thanks for quick reply.

      My issue is NOT the delay. This kits does not have any significant delay, at least on the low beams. They come on full bright within 3 seconds, most times only 2.

      You are correct, I DON'T really need or use high beam that often, if hardly any. Only time I want to use them are when the cagers flash theirs at me when I am on low beam, just for pay-back for blinding me with theirs.

      The aim on my headlights are correct, had them checked by certified Honda mechanic when I purchased this bike and the adjustable switch is set on low side most of the time unless wife is with me.

      I also have the fog lights and a set of PIAA lights(both which are kind of yellowish colored) that I rarely use.

      I'm just annoyed by the "flashers"...yes, my HID's are bright and I do get their attention, obviously. They serve my purpose but, with annoying "side effect"...get flashed often.

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        Originally posted by kodiak536 View Post
        Thanks for quick reply.

        I also have the fog lights and a set of PIAA lights(both which are kind of yellowish colored) that I rarely use.
        If you have H3 bulbs in your fog lights (oem/show chrome), and you want then to better match your HID's, you can replace the halogen with LED bulbs.

        I have the same HID kit in my low beams and rarely get flashed. I had to adjust mine to find the sweet spot where I liked the position but wasn't getting flashed. I had to raise mine a bit as they were to low, then when I started getting flashed I lowered them a little. It didn't take much moved them down a little bit. When the cagers stooped flashing me I set that as my medium position. When I have a passenger I put the switch to the lowest position, when I want a little more light down the road I put the switch to the high position. It has worked well for me. If you are good with the lights set at the low position perhaps you could adjust them so they are in the same place when the switch is in the high or medium position then you can lower them with the switch when your getting flashed often. Just a thought.

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