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  • What would you change?

    If you could what feature of the GL1800 would you change/delete/add?

    I'll start. I would make it a diesel engine. I don't need "off the line acceleration" but I would love the better fuel economy, longer range, making the most reliable engine on the market even more reliable and longer life. I lived in Europe (Spain) for a few years and virtually all the cars are diesel and it was great. The downside would be you could not (at least for now) take it to Mexico.

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    I own three diesel engines - a Dodge-Cummins dually, a VW TDI Sportwagen, and a Kubota tractor - and love diesel engines for the reasons you stated and more but diesel engines are considerably heavier than gas engines of similar output and with the turbocharger are larger and take up more space than our Goldwing engines.

    I don't think a diesel engine in a motorcycle would be a practical application.
    Harvey Barlow
    Crosby County, TX
    2010 Goldwing Level II Pearl Yellow (sold at 93,000 miles)
    2014 Goldwing Level II Pearl Blue (sold at 27,000 miles to forum member)

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      Something like this
      Click image for larger version

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      GL1800 8A - TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER 900

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        LED lights all the way around and factory Bluetooth. If they can do it on Harley why cant we get this if we are the top dog in the cruising world?
        Mike n Rhonda
        08 Level 3 Pearl White
        98 Aspencade - RIP
        Support our troops
        Daughter - USCG; Son - USMC; Son-in-Law - US Army
        Working to make the weekends happen.

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          I'm still thinking...
          George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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            Rear suspension. Every goldwing Honda has made has sub-standard rear suspension.

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              Yes... I gotta go with that: suspension.

              Give us on-the-fly electronic adjustability with at least a couple of presets: sport and comfort mode

              George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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                Okay, my wish list:

                A 1600 cc engine, with 4 valve per cylinder.....still a 6 cylinder engine. The 4 valve per cylinder will allow the engine to breath better, and more horsepower.

                A lighter bike, drop at least 100 lbs off the current weight.

                Much better suspension, both front and rear, with on the fly adjustability....as stated...sport and touring mode.

                ABS as either standard on every model, OR...as the first line option, like it was on the '01 to '05 models.

                MUCH better PAINT. This latest stuff on the '12 and later models is very bad.

                LED lighting, fore and aft.

                Electrically adjustable windshield.

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                  I would go with suspension also maybe some better electronics bluetooth touch screen monitor and better lighting just keep up with the others.
                  2018 DCT non tour, Pearl Stallion Brown, Double Darksider #856, Live To Ride, Love my Wing, IBA Member# 63744 Yellowbird Alias Coppertone

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                    How about a decent paint job?

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                      Standard LED lighting, electronic centerstand and electronic windshield. Agree with MMR, drop some LB's. Have a few national and international used parts/salvaged places specifically for your model so these parts would have to cost top dollar at the dealer. Oh, easier access to air cleaner

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                        Originally posted by Barrycuda View Post
                        Standard LED lighting, electronic centerstand and electronic windshield. Agree with MMR, drop some LB's. Have a few national and international used parts/salvaged places specifically for your model so these parts would have to cost top dollar at the dealer. Oh, easier access to air cleaner

                        Air filter - you have to wonder what that dude was smoking when he hid that thing below so much stuff. I mean it is not "hard" but so many steps. Thanks G*d for Crusieman videos.

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                          6 speed or OD

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                            Both 4th and 5th gears are in fact overdrive gears already. When I first started riding my F6, I thought I wanted more gears too... but the more I live with the 5 speeds, the more I like it and the more I think it's a great overall match for the bike.

                            From a performance perspective, more gears in a transmission are desirable because it keeps the engine in the high RPM power band between shifts. The GL1800 power peaks at about 5,500 RPM and if you were after peak performance you would gear the tranny to oscillate around this peak between shifts. Maybe 6 or 7 gears would eek another 0.05 or 0.1 seconds in a 1/4 mile race or a race to the top end... but I'm ok with trading this little bit of performance for the convenience of having fewer gears to work through on my daily commute.

                            Torque is the other performance metric to consider when designing a platform. Bikes with peaky torque curves may benefit from the flexibility of more gears to better choose the torque range you need... but not us. The GL1800 torque peaks at about 4,300 RPM but about 80% of peak torque is available from around 1,500 RPM's all the way through redline. Pick any gear and you have virtually all of the bikes torque available to you.

                            The final aspect of more gears that I'd consider is the possibility of having an additional overdrive gear to drop engine RPM's on the highway and potentially getting better fuel mileage. It may seem like a slam dunk concept that running lower RPM's automatically increases fuel mileage but there are devils in the details that may contradict that; or it may confirm it. What I haven't seen posted or discussed anywhere is the BSFC (brake specific fuel consumption) table for the GL1800 engine. Dropping RPM's means that the power is also dropped, and without seeing the BSFC table, we don't know if that lower RPM, with that lower power level, at the particular engine load needed to propel the bike at 70 mph for instance, will actually need more fuel and not less.

                            George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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                              Honestly I would not change anything. As far as I am concerned the GL1800 is the best bike made. I have added a Sirius radio to my bike and a cb that is about all I need. I hear people talking that Honda needs to make all kinds of changes. I see no need for it.

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                                While threads like these are fun to read and sometimes offer some interesting ideas, the sampling is too small compared to the actual number of Goldwings on the road to provide an accurate representation of what the average rider really wants to see in the line of improvements.

                                If you really want an idea of what people are wanting, take a look at the aftermarket. What they have offered, past and present (other than chrome) should give a pretty good idea.

                                I think that the average Goldwing buyer is primarily interested in a comfortable, reliable bike and little more.
                                The large selection of aftermarket comfort times such as seats, backrests, pegs/floorboards, windshields, etc. go to that point.
                                The lack of performance items, other than suspension upgrades, tells me that long term reliability is more important on average than being fast and loud does.

                                Of coarse, the aftermarket really can't offer anything to please the 6th gear crowd, but that one has pretty much been proven not to provide any gain anyway.

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                                  jmohme, Excellent well thought out post that contains a lot of truth! But I wish ABS was standard, actually the advanced systems today should be on all bikes.
                                  Ride Safe and Ride Often

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                                    I agree, although in the performance area, the fact that Honda locked the ECM surely impacted the aftermarket. Without the ability to load custom programming to take advantage of engine mods like performance cams, cylinder heads, etc, there's no point in making those parts. Don Guhl can now do some tuning but being this late to the party means aftermarket support is gonna be minimal.

                                    As for ABS, isn't that a dual edged sword? It's nice to have but adds to the cost, reliability, and maintenance of the bike. Actually, is it even nice to have? How many of you have been in a situation where ABS was activated in your car? Would you even know when that happens? I can count on one hand how many times ABS has been activated on any of my vehicles... and half of those times was me driving hard on purpose just to test the system.

                                    I would be as bold to say that 99% of you have NEVER been into ABS braking. So why add it? It is a safety feature at the FAR EXTREME of driving, and for this reason it's mandated by many governments, but the reality is that most people will drive a lifetime and never use it.
                                    George - 2013 F6B Standard - Largo, FL

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                                    • jmohme
                                      jmohme commented
                                      Editing a comment
                                      A few years ago, I was riding into Austin Texas when it start to rain, so I slowed down a bit and opened up the gap between myself and other vehicles. That turned out to be a good thing, because the Jeep Liberty in front of me started getting loose and then lost control.
                                      I applied a little brake to stay out of the way. The Jeep drifted into the medium and out of everyones way, but then headed for a light pole that she hit and clipped off at the base.
                                      Now I have a light pole dropping in my direction and I am grabbing all the brake I have on wet roads with a loaded trailer in tow.
                                      The bike and trailer came to a smooth controlled stop before the light pole hit the road in front of me.

                                      ABS is one of those things that you only need once, and that one time, it was a very nice thing to have!

                                      I agree with Harvey, ABS should be standard and if it was the additional cost per vehicle would be minimal.

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                                    I agree.

                                    I've driven with abs in cars and trucks for years and have only activated abs on rare occasions on snow covered roads at low speeds. Actually using and benefitting from abs requires entirely different driving skills and techniques to make effective use of the feature. ABS braking is not magic. It doesn't create traction when none exists - it simply allows a skilled user of abs brakes to make best use of what traction is available and possibly steer around an object.

                                    Most of us have driven hundreds of thousands of miles in cars and trucks either without abs or with but never activating it. Our experiences have trained us to react in a certain way which does not include abs braking.

                                    I would have bought a wing with ABS when I bought my 2014 last December if one were available in a color I could tolerate. The truth is I'm not at all confident I would benefit from abs if I had it.

                                    My brain is programmed to apply both brakes as hard as possible while avoiding lock up. That means just short of activating abs.
                                    Harvey Barlow
                                    Crosby County, TX
                                    2010 Goldwing Level II Pearl Yellow (sold at 93,000 miles)
                                    2014 Goldwing Level II Pearl Blue (sold at 27,000 miles to forum member)

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                                      Improved suspension front and back with adjustability, traction control and ABS standard, electrically adjustable windshield with better aerodynamics, 6th gear so could run interstate speeds without guzzling fuel.

                                      Additionally, I wish Honda would build me a true Goldwing trike designed from the ground up to be the best touring trike in the world. That would be awesome.

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