Final Drive ? To inventory or not ..?

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  • Final Drive ? To inventory or not ..?

    When I had my GL1500 I changed 1 final drive on mine, and another on a buddys, and had one in 'stock' in my garage for any eventuality (My son also had a 1500 at the time).

    Now those are gone adn I have a new-to-me GL1800 with 30K on the clock. Being an '03 a matching final drive may be harder to find as time progress's and I am considering trying to find one with very low miles and putting it on the shelf..?

    Am I wasting my time or is this a more common practice ? What is your experience?

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    The GL1800 Final drives are all the same from 01-15

    The ONLY difference is the Hose retainer clip that is ONLY one the 01-03 Drives. (See first picture)

    You can use any year Drive on 01-03 bikes, But you'll have to tap threads (8x1.25mm) in order to use the hose retainer from a 01-03 drive.
    Unless you feel like swapping out the caliper & hoses for a 04-Up GL1800??. (Tapping the mounting boss is easier huh?)

    The 01-03 had different brake hose routing.

    Starting in 2004.
    Honda rerouted the brake hoses and now uses a different hose bracket that keeps the hoses away from the muffler (Sort of)
    And added a heat shield to the right muffler. (thinking it'd solve the rear brake shudder-(IT DID NOT)

    See the newer style hose bracket?.

    The newer the Take off drive, the better knowing if it had fewer miles on it before they washed the dirt off of it..

    **You may not like the Truth-But that doesn't change it!**
    "Life is Tough-It's tougher when you are stupid"
    1981 CB900C -DCT
    1986 GL1200 SEi - DCT
    2004 GL1800 - "Modified Ring & Pinion"

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      As easy as trike take offs are to come by, I wouldn't hesitate to keep one on hand.
      I used to keep one on the shelf, and will get another once my new shop is completed and I have a place to store such things.

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        I leave for Nova Scotia Sept 4 and will be taking my spare final drive and alternator with me. Can't afford the days of down time in the event of those failures. I have 70,539 miles but I'm taking my trailer and have room, so why not. I know you can't take every spare part but both of these seem to be some of the more "talked about" failures on Wings with mileage close to mine to 200,000 miles. New tires, foil change, new battery, flushed brake system and clutch, flushed coolant and change, new front brake pads, final drive oil change..... Almost ready to go. Now just have to wait...................

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        • jmohme
          jmohme commented
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          Why don't you just change out the final drive before you leave and not waste the trailer space?
          The alternator doesn't take up much room and won't leak oil on the carpet of your trailer.

        • bbalzer
          bbalzer commented
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          Final drive might easily go another 100,000 miles. New one could have a problem tomorrow. Nothing is certain. If my original is still going sometime after 100,000 miles I suppose I will change it. Likely the alternator then too and let Ken rebuild it then too. I've read of several final drives going out recently with less than 100,000 miles but many seem to last much longer. I will have the room so just taking it because I can.
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