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    I got a TIR3 and want to install it in place of the reflector on my 2014 wing. As I look up in behind the fender I do see a wire. Is this the wire that I'll find the required wires for break light hot and ground? Does someone have a neat way to get into it without hacking it up? Or do I need to remove this center section of fender and look higher for the correct wire? I've found lots of folks that have installed these and discuss mounting the light but I can't find anything on the wiring. Maybe it's simple enough that I'll figure it out and I'm worried over nothing but I like to know as much as I can about what I'm getting into before I get the knife out.

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    If no one knows where the wire is use a test lamp with a sharp point to press through the insulation and test the wire you believe is the correct one.
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      You probably see the wire for the license plate light. You can use the ground at this wire for your light but need to go to the brake light above the license plate to splice into for your TIR light.
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        OK I'll try to get in behind the brake light and see what I find there.

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          The stock brake light will be up in the trunk. Now would be a good time to install Showchromes wiring kit to change the running lights between the turn signals to also be brake lights and than tap off that to supply the TIR.

          Cyclemax sells the kit for 18$. Part number B52-812.

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            Originally posted by Hiwaman View Post
            Cyclemax sells the kit for 18$. Part number B52-812.
            However, from Cyclemax: "This is a simple plug and play system and will fit all 2012-2015 GL1800's. This will NOT work on the 2001-2010 GL1800's"

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              Did that, although my picture is on a LIN3. Apologies for the sticker on the fender, I was so embarrassed I sold the bike....

              The wires are behind the rear mudguard that you need to tap into

              I put a bullet male/female on the wires, so I could remove the light when I sued my Rivco hitch.
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                Too funny ChrisE. Hope all is well my friend.
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                  I sort of became the unofficial installer of TIR3's in my area in last couple of years...started to get pretty good at it!
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