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  • radio flooded

    i had to park my GW 1800 a few weeks ago on a public parking (open space). This night we had a storm and the other day I had to drive some 300 km trough the rain.
    During this trip the radio went more and more down.

    In the garage they found then that the radio was flooded and completely damaged.

    Does anyone have made the same experience ? I bought my GW second hand, it is already 6 years old (2008).
    However, i think the radio should be water-tight beyond the 1 or 2 years guarantee.

    Looking forward to your comments.
    Cheers, Heini (Spuetz)

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    Sorry to hear, don't know the warranty would still be good being six years old. All would depend who you bought it from and if they will be willing to fix it. You may want to contact Honda directly to see if it's covered. Good luck

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      I've never heard that one before. When they first came out with the 1800 I wondered about that as my 1500 had a cover. I was told that no cover was needed. I have ridden a lot in the rain also with no problems, but it looks like now destroying the radio could be a possibility. Did the have any idea where the water got in? It would be interesting and helpful to know if possible. Guess I would be looking on Fleabay if I were you. I believe the audio warranty is not anyway near what the rest of the warranty is. I don't even want to try to guess what a new one would cost... Maybe I'll go check.... I'm baaaack.... How about $566 bucks?
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        thanks for all your replies. forgot to mention in my post that I live in Switzerland (Europe). Found out in the meantime that Honda will not replace the radio... think I have to cope with this. It leaves a bad feeling if I think about the price of a GL 1800.....
        an new radio is just unaffordable.... now wait for a Honda 1800 GL involved in an accident.... it's still a lot of money but far cheaper than a new one.

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          I believe the radio amp is under the rear fender in a box. Perhaps a drain hole is clogged or the seal went bad.

          Try Larry, He is good with the GL1800 radio.

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