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  • LED's everywhere

    Just finished changing all my rear lights and front turn signals to LED's from SoCalMotoGear. The flasher change is kind of a pain, but the lights are very bright. The bright yellow turn signals all around and the running lights in the front are going to be hard to miss. Really makes a difference.
    The only problem I have is they sent me 2 orange bulbs in package marked red, kinda sucked when I got it all together and the lights on the trunk didn't match. Sent them an email, keep you posted on the outcome. I'm sure they will take care of me.
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    SoCalMotoGear already contacted me and they are sending replacements out. That was fast. You gotta like these guys.
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      I believe the factory lighting on the back of the 2012 and newer wings sucks (it is very poor). I'd like to see a setup like yours in person. I am going to mount a Whelen T1R3 strobe on the back of mine as soon as I can.
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        SoCalMotoGear provided me with great - fast service on the HiD headlight kit. I had a glitch with one HID bulb , they sent a pair of bulbs. Something about the bulbs being matched set
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          TravelinLite, since I have a '13 bike, I have found the way to solve that problem with the anemic rear lights. I installed two (2) of the complete kits of Red LED lights, that serve as running lights, and fill in the blank areas under the clear lens where the amber turnsignals are...in the back. Now, when the bike is on, I have bright Red lights all across the entire back...not just the OEM taillight. These Red LED light kits...from EC....also cancel out when the amber turnsignal bulbs come on.

          And, I have also installed the Whelen T1R3 light on the back, in place of the red reflector, just above the license plate. I have it so that it is OFF under normal conditions, but when I hit the brakes.....It scares the poop out of the drivers behind me.

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            These lights are really bright. I also have the red LED light kits from EC and they work ok at night, going to look for a brighter bulb. Now I have to turn up the brightness on the LED's in the spoiler on the trunk to match the rest of the lights.
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