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  • 2012+ TPMS Light

    This light has been bothersome for quite some time. Was not bad a while ago but now it comes on often and stays on for hours at times. It used to go off when things got warmed up but not anymore. I talked to the dealer and they want me to bring it in so they can hook it up to the computer and wake up the sensors as he says. The computer sends a signal to the monitors and he said 80% of the time this fixes the problem and if not then they will replace the problem sensor or sensors. I will be interested to see if this works and for how long.
    Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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    Your symptom usually indicates one or more sensor batteries are dying. In my experience battery service life is related to miles traveled which equals on-time rather than calendar based life expectancy.

    The problem is battery replacement means a sensor replacement requiring wheel removal and removal of the tire from the wheel.

    A 2012 should be covered under warranty if you don't wait too long.

    Fred on the other site was offering battery replacement in the same sensor some time back but I don't know if he still does that.
    Harvey Barlow
    Crosby County, TX
    2010 Goldwing Level II Pearl Yellow (sold at 93,000 miles)
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      Its more then likely the battery or the sensor lost its signal, your dealer is on right track maybe they can just calibre back. I have a light on for some time now on my 2010 on my next tire change i may replace the batteries. Going to install a Doran tire monitoring system soon not sure ill waste the money for the batteries. Let us know what was wrong good luck
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        This is for sure warranty work and I will give feedback once this has been resolved. I will not be taking it in until December 3rd so stay tuned.
        Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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          It is fixed, for now. What a pain in the arse. Dealer tested and said rear sensor was bad so they had to order the part. Made appointment on a Saturday and when I get there they say two mechanics are out sick and they can not get to it. Next appointment and it took 3.5 hours to replace rear sensor only to have them tell me that now the front is bad. Ordered the front one and after I complained about the first visit they got me in and jumped right on it this morning and they were done in 1.5 hours. It would have been nice if they just ordered both sensors since they said the life span is around 3 years. Anyway, it will be nice not looking at the stupid orange light for the next few years, I hope.
          Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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