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    I got a quote from the dealer on some tires and i noticed that one of the tires was quoted as a g707 not a g709, I have not heard of this tire and was wondering if it came stock on the bike. also when i checked with some local shops they dont seem to come up with the g709. I am not sure what is going on. I know that if i get them from wing stuff they come up. the local shops and dealers frown on installing tires that they dont supply because they cant warranty them. I was surprise to find that the dealer charged less labor than the local shops.

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    Bridgestone doesn't list a G707 as a tire they manufacture. Must be some SNAFU somewhere.
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      i read somewhere that they were the early model tire used on the 2001-2003 wings, but i as you thing it is an error even though it says it on quote.

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