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  • Speedo needle

    Hey all -

    Can anyone help me with how to remove the speedo needles? I see a tab under the needle but not exactly sure if Im on the right track. Thanks!!

    God, Family, Friends, my Goldwing.... in that order. Everything else is great but not mandatory.

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    To properly help you, "we the people" need to know "exactly" what year, and model of GL1800 you have. There have been some changes along the way.

    Of course, you know that "someone" is going to ask....WHY you want or need to remove the speedo needle. Be prepared.

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      Why do you need to remove the speedo needle?
      There, got that one out of the way !!
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        I have 2010 ABS. I am trying to get to the light bulbs in the speedo but can not without removing the needles. Im second (and third) guessing myselfif I want to continue however, it will bug me if I give up now. Thanks for the help.

        Oh and thanks for getting the "why" question out of the way.
        God, Family, Friends, my Goldwing.... in that order. Everything else is great but not mandatory.

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          Jkrebsbach, I do NOT believe that you have to remove the speedo needle to access the light bulbs that illuminate the instrument cluster. I may be wrong...but I find it extremely hard to believe that Honda would buy an instrument cluster from their supplier that needed to have that done.

          If I had your instrument cluster in my hands, I get do this for you...but I am not going to go out to one of my bikes, take it apart, and find out how it is done, when I don't have a need to.
          (meant to be said nicely)

          Oh, and you did not answer the WHY...that was asked. Why are you wanting to get to those lights?

          What is the problem with the lights in your instrument cluster? Did one or more go out? With an extended warranty, they would be covered by Honda (hint, hint)

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            You are right, I didnt answer. Its kind of like the old joke.." Why does a dog lick himself?....Because he can". Nothing is wrong with the panel i just really like the look of a blue instrument panel. After convincing myself that removing the needles was indeed a bad idea I got creative. Best part was It was free. Tell me what you think! -

            God, Family, Friends, my Goldwing.... in that order. Everything else is great but not mandatory.

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              Joe, I think that looks great. I believe it was Rocky that very recently did the same thing with his instrument lights...changing the coloring.

              Looks good...now put that instrument panel back on the bike.

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