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  • Voice Activation ??

    My 2010 - 1800 Does not seem to have "voice activation" Is this normal ? I hate the background noise always present unless I manyally turn off the ICom.
    It seems a bitg old fashion not to have Voice Activation. Also I of cswe have thealk for CB. Is there a way to have that for the Passanger ? Thanks.

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    It pretty well sucks. I think voice activation went away with the 1200 and the system has gone down hill since then. I may be wrong and if I am someone will correct me.

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      ICOM noise - 1) reduce ICOM volume to 8. 2) Install passenger controller which has a mic cut off switch. Also has CB push to talk button and volume control.

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        I only have voice activation when my wife is sitting in the passenger seat. Even then it's only in one direction.

        In the real world of my 2012 Wing I think the intercom on my bike is horrible. I ended up going Bluetooth after fighting the static for a year and a half. That solved it for us. No more static or wind noise, just clear crisp voices and music from our Sena 20s headsets. It took awhile and some bucks but now I can enjoy all the Goldwing sound system including the full use of my CB via Bluetooth.
        2012 Goldwing CSC Viper Trike
        Retired MSF Instructor

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          That the Wing continues to exclude a proper VOX enabled intercom is pathetic. Harley has had it for over a decade, as did the BMW flagship (K1200 LT) before they went Bluetooth with the 1600.

          I had a 2006 Ultra Classic and once you dialed in the VOX, it worked wonderfully. BMW LT was the same, although it would vary with wind noise if you were playing with the adjustable windscreen.

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