Goldwings Windshield Material?

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  • Goldwings Windshield Material?

    In the Motorcyclist magazine for September there's article on keeping your cycle windshields clean.

    Which brings up the question of:

    What material does Honda used for our Goldwing windshields,
    or Hard coated polycarbonate?

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    Not certain, check with Honda but I would think Acrylic as it is the least expensive material.
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      Whatever it is, don't use anything with ammonia - turns the windshield yellow.
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      • michaelscycle
        michaelscycle commented
        Editing a comment
        For newbies just getting into cycling the section on cleaning/protecting windshields is a pretty good article in Motorcyclist magazine,
        For the other seasoned riders it's just plain common sense.
        Bottom line is if confused, stick to plain water.

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      I thought it was Polycarbonate...

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          Polycarbonate.....Lexan brand to be specific.

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            michaelscycle, regardless of what they are made of, I got tired of babying the OEM windshield at every gas station. So I switched to the National Cycle Vstream SE windshield. With their special coating, I can now use the squeegees, paper towel, and any cleaner without any effect on the windshield!

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              I just installed a F4 tinted and now i can clean with anything. I use the Honda clean it comes in spray cans and works well for quick cleaning plus it shines like wax.
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                Some posters have recommended using wax on the windshield for better rain run off. I have not done it and would like to hear what others ideas are.

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                  I don't know what the base material is but I do know that it is coated and you do need to be careful of what you clean it with. Most glass cleaners have ammonia and will damage the shield.

                  To me, the stock windshield is too tall anyway. I prefer to look over, not through it and the bug guts that are splattered across it, so when the coating on mine started to peel, I went with a Windbender and have no desire to go back to the old shield. Better visibility, better wind protection,and better looking.
                  And when I stop for the day, I can release the locking pins and take the upper inside and wash it in the sink.

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